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Friday, July 1, 2011

Devotee Of The Great Mother Goddess

As a priestess of The Goddess, she has dedicated her life & work to working with light & love vibrations and being an ambassador of The Divine Feminine.

She focused many years on healing & facing her own fears, lower beliefs, and illusions so she could hold more light & know The Divine from a clearer place of being.

As a solitary white witch, Ten Nebula took her vows to The Goddess years ago.

She is grateful to all her helpers & teachers.

Goddess Healing Work Offered:
- Goddess Initation Trainings
- Psychic Protection
- Goddess Purification healing for The body
- Goddess Womb Clearing
- Goddess Root Clearing for Men
- Strenthening Session for your feminine principle
- Mother Goddess Attunement

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