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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shamaness & Ritualist

As a shamaness, she has been trained and assisted on her personal path by etheric beings of the divine plan, her spirit guides, her christ & divine self, her power animal spirits, ascended masters, archangelics of light, interplantery beings and Goddesses of The Divine Plan.

Shamanic Healing Services.........
- Phone Sessions
- Spiritual Healing/Counseling
- Soul Retrieval
- Shamanic Extraction
- Long Distance Healing
- Connecting with Spirit Guides
- Connecting with Animal Power Spirits
- Special Ceremonies

Ritualist & Ceremonialist........
As a ritualist, she creates rituals for healings and clearings for herself and her clients.
Be assisted in creating rituals for special times in your life.

Some Special Ceremonies for ritual & ceremony
- pregnancy
- births
- deaths
- marriage
- divorce
- birthdays
- blood time
- menopause
- moving
- new home
- etc.

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