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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Psychic Protection & Psychic Clearings for Spaces

Psychic Clearings for Spaces
Great for your Homes,Offices, and Sacred Spaces.
Available to local and nationwide clients.
Sessions are 1-hour
This can be done in-person or long distance.

Do you need help with psychic protection?
Are there ghosts in your home?
Have you been cursed by someone else?
Are your being haunted by harmful entities?
Are there demonic energies in your home?

Clearing of Astral or Demonic Possessions
Clearing of Ghosts
Clearing of Harmful Psychic Entities
Clearing of Foreign Energies

Psychic Protection for Your Body & Aura
Psychic Aura Healing
Psychic Chakra Healing
Psychic Protection Tools Workshop
Psychic Clearings for Spaces

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