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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shamaness & Ritualist

As a shamaness, she has been trained and assisted on her personal path by etheric beings of the divine plan, her spirit guides, her christ & divine self, her power animal spirits, ascended masters, archangelics of light, interplantery beings and Goddesses of The Divine Plan.

Shamanic Healing Services.........
- Phone Sessions
- Spiritual Healing/Counseling
- Soul Retrieval
- Shamanic Extraction
- Long Distance Healing
- Connecting with Spirit Guides
- Connecting with Animal Power Spirits
- Special Ceremonies

Ritualist & Ceremonialist........
As a ritualist, she creates rituals for healings and clearings for herself and her clients.
Be assisted in creating rituals for special times in your life.

Some Special Ceremonies for ritual & ceremony
- pregnancy
- births
- deaths
- marriage
- divorce
- birthdays
- blood time
- menopause
- moving
- new home
- etc.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Psychic Healer

Ten Nebula specializes in psychic healing.

Psychic healing is a powerful way to release old fears, beliefs and thoughtforms.
This form of healing involves using light, energy, and color in a intuitive way to clear the psychic self.

It is a great way to heal the aura and chakras.
It is non-invasive.
Psychic healing can be performed in-person or over long distances.
It affects all levels of being (spiritual-mental-emotional-physical)

This powerful way of healing involves clarity, discipline, truth, and great integrity.

Psychic Healings Can Help:
- Your aura
- Your chakra
- Your sexual organs
- Your dreamtime
- Your mental body
- Your emotional body

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ten Nebula is a lightworker.

One of her purposes on the planet in this lifetime is to heal herself, assist others with healing, help Lady Gaia to heal and to bring more light to humanity.

She works with many etheric beings who serve the love vibration, The Goddess, and the Divine Plan of Light.

She is focused on reaching her own enlightenment and spiritually ascending in this lifetime.

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